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Golden Nuggets: Absolutely, Alex Smith. Absolutely.

Hey guys, not a whole lot to report today news-wise and not a whole lot to say opinion-wise. The only thing I'm really interested in right now is Alex Smith and his profound use of the word "absolutely." There's not a lot of news but I'll try and update as any piece comes in. If you're seeing something I'm not, go ahead and post 'em up. Anyway, here's your links and enjoy.

Any outstanding web developers out there? Fooch posted this and you should check it out if you're interested in this job with SBNation. (

We've got another article on Alex Smith, this one from the Chronicle. (

And another article on Bruce winning the Eshmont award, the only reason I've linked to this one is for some quotes from Bruce about our receivers. (

More on Smith. (Jeez today is slow.) But you know, his comments give me some hope in the guy. I'm all for Shaun Hill but certainly I'm open to the idea of Smith coming in and competing, playing, and becoming that number one pick. Maybe he comes out guns blazing and surprises us all.... or more likely fades back into mediocrity after next pre-season. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at the Rams and the similarites of our seasons. (

Chrissy Mauck just made saying 'Bruuuuuce' very uncool. At any rate, here's a nice article on the guy including a bit from an ever-rare media session. (

Joe Staley > Chris Long. FACT. K, maybe not fact, but after making Joey Porter look like a chump he shouldn't have too much trouble. (

Huh. Investment firm founded by ex-49ers being taken over due to substantial debt. (

Because there's not a whole lot of news right now here's an LOL story for you. Apparently the Buccaneers are quite serious about their pancakes. (

That's all for now, hopefully there will be more soon.

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