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Golden Nuggets: Do we play the Lions next year? I hope so.

EDIT: As of 12:30 PM PST I've updated the links. Even if they are a bit... screwy.

I don't know why but with articles popping up about Mike Nolan possibly becoming a defensive coordinator next season under Brian Billick wherever he may go, I really want to beat whatever team he's coaching for. Like, badly. The most reccuring "news" is that Detroit is the top candidate for the Billick-Nolan package, and boy I'd just love it if we played and beat them pretty badly next season. Don't ask me why, its just something I want. I like Mike Nolan, I really do, but I want to whoop him and show him this team is better without him. Was that harsh? I hope it wasn't... Well, just kidding. I hope it was. Anywaaay... here's your links, enjoy, etc etc etc etc. (<-- multiple 'etcs'=filler to wrap around nuggets picture ftw..)

Staley is living up to expectations--I hope he can continue. I really like the guy and I'd love to keep him around if he continues to develop. (

Joe Starkey wont be covering 49ers games after this season. (

Gore will continue to be a game-time decision. Also to note is that Mark Roman and Josh Morgan took eachother out, niiice... (

Kevin Lynch really seems to like the bit on Letterman. Huh... (

Some key variables on whether or not Alex Smith could return next season from Maiocco. (

I really wish this guy would stop lotting us together with the Raiders. Anyway, some what if scenarios... (

Slow clap for the Niners for drafting Willis? Definitely. (

Here's this weeks Points of the Game. (

"Looking for an encore." An article about Sunday's game from the official website. (

Aaand yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (I... don't know why I begin every ' Notebook link with 'aaand'... I just do.) (

Here's a media session with Martz. (

Bryant Johnson has a segment called Catch 82, and this week he talks about the Rams. (

Numbers state the obvious: Hill a big improvement. Course, I'm spoiled (see: Florida Danny) and I/most of us already know this. (

Been wondering what Mike Nolan is up to? He may be shopping himself in a package deal with Brian Billick as defensive coach under the latter. (

S'all for now, hope you enjoyed.

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