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Golden Nuggets: On the prowl for upsets.

Hey all, James here. Its Tuesday and somehow I'm still feeling good about the win. Usually it only lasts about a day before my "Oh-God-Next-Sunday-Is-Now-On-Its-Way-We-Suck-We-Suck-We-Suck." But man, I got a feeling we can beat the Jets, especially after seeing the Broncos pull it off. We've got upset on the mind and all I can say is that I'm once again cautiously optimistic. I'm going to give you an early, bold prediction! We beat the Jets and we play BETTER than we did at Buffalo... 13-3!!!... <--Joke prediction. At any rate, sorry, no cookies today, (or any yesterday for that matter, fooled you.) Here's your articles, read, enjoy, all that good stuff etc etc.

We'll start with an article about.. surprise, Singletary and his job security. It does seem all the players love him, which is good. I'm eager to know if there's anyone in the locker room who doesn't think he should stay. (

Donald Strickland gets a lot of focus from Singletary and in this article. (

And another from Niner Insider. (

Matt Maiocco seems duly miserable in Buffalo's weather, but he still manages to give us an article with a few points such as the state of Ahmad Brooks, the injury of Patrick Willis (don't worry he's fine) and more. (

Not big news, but ex-NFL referee Ron Blum is in the booth for SF apparently since the Seahawks game. Big whoop, I say we get rid of the bunch of 'em and get somebody who can see. (

Here's an article from Matt Barrows, talking about a few of the matchups against the Bills, a bit about Patrick Willis.. just a general article worth reading. (

This article claims the 49ers are on the prowl for upsets. We surely are, I hope we win 'em all, I personally don't care what happens to the other divisions as a result of our wins. (

Don't forget to go vote for Joe Nedney and/or Tony Wragge in the SuperAd contest. (

Our defense bent, but it did not break. That's a nice change. (

Here's a transcript of Singletary's Monday press conference. (

This week's Team Issued features Aubrayo Franklin. He opens with a gem: "Just like in any game, if our offense scores and the other team’s doesn’t, than we usually win the game." ...No comment. (

The players continue with their rallying for Singletary and him erasing the interim from his title. (

Clements has a thumb injury. The very short article says its not so bad--I hope its right. (

Here's Eric Davis with this weeks Wrap Up. And here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

49ersNews gives a good article with a lot of opinions about Sunday's game. (

That's all for now.

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