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49ers-Rams: Final Injury Report

It's a day late, but here's the final injury report for tomorrow's game.  When you get to these last couple weeks of the season, it becomes a balancing act between getting PT for your guys and avoiding injuries that might carry well into the offseason. 

Obviously I'm speaking about Frank Gore in particular.  Gore has now gone two full weeks without truly touching the practice field.  Apparently he's been moving around and trying to get some work in.  However, without actually playing time on the practice field, I really don't expect to see him playing this Sunday. 

I'd imagine everybody wants him to crack 1,000 yards.  However, if you save him for the Redskins game, I think you could safely say he's healthy enough to avoid re-injury.  You want to win both remaining games, but if you were going to pick one game to bench Gore, clearly it would be this week.  He really does deserve to crack that 1,000 yard mark, but the smart play is sitting him this week and starting him next week (barring an aggravation of the injury).

The most important point in all of this?  If you've got him on your fantasy team, find someone to fill in and plan on Gore NOT playing.

San Francisco 49ers
Probable - SS Michael Lewis (abdomen), KR/PR Allen Rossum (ankle), LT Joe Staley (ankle), WR Josh Morgan (head), FS Mark Roman (head), DE Ron Fields (foot)

Questionable - LB Ahmad Brooks (back), RB Frank Gore (ankle), OT Adam Snyder (ankle)

St. Louis Rams
Probable - K Josh Brown (groin), CB Jason Craft (back), DT La'Roi Glover (knee), G Jacob Bell (hamstring), CB Ron Bartell (back)

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