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Golden Nuggets: Lets win this one, yes?

Yeah, I don't really have much to say. I'm guessing Gore wont be playing so all I'm really expecting out of this game is DeShaun Foster to play well, maybe Thomas Clayton to get some carries, and of course--Isaac Bruce getting those yards he needs. I don't have much else to add so here's your links!

We'll start with an article from Niner Insider about how the Niners are performing and what we can expect today. (

Here's a game preview from the Chronicle. (

Do you feel that this game is more important than the other games this season for Singletary? I agree with this article in that yes, it definitely is. (

Here's a nice article about Jason Hill and Donald Strickland--both San Francisco natives. (

Maiocco throws out some stats, these ones focusing on the catches made by the receivers since the switch to Hill at QB. (

Martz talks about the receivers, Staley, and the miscommunication at the end of the Dolphins game. (

Will the Rams be missing Bruce after todays game? Man, I hope so. (

And here's the scouting report for today's game. (

Here's the game center for today's game. (

Again, here's the video preview. (

And the weather update. (

Here's a gameday preview. (

That's all for now. Will update.

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