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49ers 17 - Rams 16: Inconsistency for!

Hey guys, James here subbing in for Fooch for the immediate post-game recap. He should have his thoughts up later this evening. Today was up and down in the worst of ways. Just when I started feeling secure with many aspects of this team such as the QB position, the defense, our head coach etc. We started slow and in my mind, all we had ahead of us was picking up speed which we didn't do until late in the 4th quarter, much to my dismay.

What disturbed me was we seemed to have the drive and intensity out there on the field to play well, but it just wasn't happening. Shaun Hill threw three interceptions and looked like the practice screw-up many wrote him off to be in the preseason. Foster proved ineffective the whole game but gave an effort regardless and we couldn't ask for much more.

So we were saved by a 4th quarter rally, laying down and taking a beating in the first three quarters we came back, Shaun Hill played great, the line protected and the defense stepped it up. We came away, or at least I did with bitten nails, absolutely nerve-racked in the final seconds. Fortunately, Tarell Brown came through with the interception and sealed the deal. The Niners pull off a mostly-ugly win at St. Louis where everyone expected us to dominate. So my question to all of you is, how do we feel? Do we forgive Shaun HIll for coming back and playing like we've come to expect him to in the past few weeks? Does Singletary keep his job for pulling us through in the end? Go ahead and discuss all of this here in this thread. And one last thing... Bruuuuuuuuce!

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