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Golden Nuggets: Rule number five, was it?

Hey guys, so how are we feeling? Not a bad fourth quarter, eh? My recap seemed quick to condemn Singletary and Hill but what can I say? The bad play left a bad taste in my mouth. After sitting on it for a few hours, I have to say I'm excited at the play of some of the team. No, we didn't play amazing football but we came through in the end. We finished. Shaun Hill came back, the defense stepped up. I'm content for now, and regardless of next week I believe I'll be going into the offseason a little more optimistic than the last couple of years. Maybe I'll be able to rally for the team a bit more, talk a little preseason trash, perhaps? Either way We finished and I'm happy. Oh and one more thing... you have no idea how tempted I am to once again label the headline as "Bruuuuuce!"

Singletary made his case for me today, the decision to keep Shaun HIll in at quarterback was well-informed. All he had to do was look at his eyes. (

Maiocco also covers this, and grades the Niners performance for the day. (

Shaun Hill came through and avoided being choked at the same time. Good job. (

Here's the general postgame article from the Chronicle. (

Isaac Bruce got his two milestones, I'm glad he was able to do it here. (

Shaun Hill wasn't the only one to step up his game, the defense came to the party in the fourth as well. (

For review, here's Maiocco's live blog of the game. (

Here's a postgame article from Samuel Lam, and wouldn't you know it there's "Bruuuuuce" in the headline. Instant linkage based on THAT. (Not really) (

Give Bruce some recognition, people. No seriously, lots of it. (

And here's another postgame article. (

Here's a recap from (

And some notes from the game from the official website. (

And in case you missed it (note likely as Fooch posted it on the front page as well) Umpire Garth DeFelice takes Kenneth Darby OUT. Here's a different link than Fooch's, I chose this one because it has a link or two to a similar hit. (

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