Week 17 Prediction Games

And so we reach the final week of the regular season.  We've got a three-way tie for 8th place, two folks a point behind and two more people 2 points back of them (consider it a reverse jinx not mentioning myself!).  I wanted to get this up tonight since I'm sure many people will be crazy busy over the next few days.

Since this is such an important week I made a couple of tactical omissions from the games this week.  Since the Giants and Titans both clinched home field throughout the playoffs, neither of their games were included this week.  Tom Coughlin said he'd play it like any other game, but I just don't buy it with the chance of injury.

The best part of this weekend is the playoff race in real life.  The Panthers win the division and the #2 seed with a win or Falcons loss.  Suffice to say, we can expect to see the Panthers best effort in New Orleans.  Miami is in a must-win and that should make for a sun Sunday afternoon game.  Don't forget Denver and San Diego in a winner-take-all steel cage battle to the death.

And then there's the Detroit Lions.  One loss away from immortality.  If I was a Lions fan I'd be rooting for the loss.  Why be bad when you can be epically bad?  1-15 is not unexpected.  0-16?  Well, that's historic.  Will anybody dare to pick the Lions in the prediction contest?

49ers vs. Washington - Sunday 12/28 1:15pm

Denver @ San Diego - SNF 12/28 8:15pm

Carolina @ New Orleans - Sunday 12/28 10:00am

Detroit @ Green Bay - Sunday 12/28 10:00am

Miami @ NY Jets - Sunday 12/28 1:15pm

Dallas @ Philadelphia - Sunday 12/28 1:15pm

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