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Golden Nuggets: Season over yet? How about now?

As we get closer and close to the end of our season, I'm getting more and more... anxious. I just want it finalized, I want to see it declared that Singletary is returning next season as our head coach. I want to see if he has a plan, I want to see if we keep DeShaun Foster and if Takeo Spikes stays, etc. There's so much going on I almost couldn't care less about the Redskins game, all I want out of that is solid play and hopefully a Thomas Clayton sighting. Gore's 22 yards would be nice as well but I don't want the guy hurt. I cant wait to start reading and covering this offseason. It should be interesting to say the least. That being said, enjoy your links.

So what do you think we need to address in the draft first and foremost? I agree with this article in that we definitely need an impact receiver to free up some room for Gore next season. Also to note is the link within this link to the thread on the official forums about trading Frank Gore... I think its a mistake, a big one. (

Again, I ask you, how far are we from the playoffs? Are we really so far? I don't think so. (

Despite what he may show on the outside, Isaac Bruce definitely knew exactly what he needed to reach the two milestones he hit on Sunday. (

Here's a look at what the 49er's free agents will look like. I don't see us keeping many of them. I'll rally for Keasey, Rossum, and Spikes all day though. (

Here's this week's The Wrap Up with Eric Davis from the official website. (

In his blog, Brian Jennings talks about meeting Mike Singletary as a child and being inspired. (

Here's a look at the "top" head coaching candidates. (

This seems like one of the few times firing a head coach mid-season was the right thing to do. Other than you know, firing him at the beginning of the season. (

Tune into 'A Day in the Life: Joe Staley.' Should be ten kinds of awesome all at once. (

And we take a look at what could have been this season. (

Ah, good ol' Deadspin talks about the mustaches. Good times. (

Sooo, the Dolphins signed Derek Smith and waived WR Chris Hannon. I'm sorry, but I'm just about positive they signed the guy solely to quiz him on us. There's no doubt in my mind. (

Vernon Davis' brother, Vontae Davis is the first underclassmen to declare for the draft. I really like this guy and I can honestly see us trying to get him if possible. He's got attitude problems, and if we keep Singletary then... Well, I see no problems there. (

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