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Golden Nuggets: Singletary as head coach for Christmas? Alright, cool.

Hey all, hope you had a good Christmas, I know I did. Well, save for the fact that I've been sick. No matter. I got everything I wanted (save for a DVD I'd been expecting) and Singletary was even almost guaranteed his job next season. That's the one thing I want from the Niners right now is Singletary to come back. As far as Martz goes, I'm more curious than anything. I'm not a die hard supporter of the move, but I'm not bashing it either. Whatever happens, happens and I hope we pick somebody good. Sooo, here's some links, there's not much right now as I'm getting it up pretty early but I'll also likely be updating quite a bit as I've really nothing to do today. Enjoy.

So we've likely got Singletary. How about Norv Turner now? What do you guys think? (

Read about our rookie receiver Josh Morgan, how he grew up, his poetry, etc. (

More on the possibility of Martz not returning, as well as a few names dropped by Maiocco. (

Jeff Ulbrich is an ugly, ugly man. Or so he believes. At any rate, the article talks about sacks, Andre Carter and the hopefully up-and-coming Parys Haralson. (

Singletary has earned his job, its his to screw up. (

Here's this week's Points of the Game. (

And this week's Clements Coverage. (

That's all for now, will update. I promise this time.

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