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Golden Nuggets: Is it bad that I'm anticipating the mustaches the most?

Hey guys, James here, and I'll ask you again... is it Sunday yet? Honestly, I want to see this game so bad. (Not just for mustaches.) I want to watch, cheer, and just be happy because I think next year will end up better for us. I'm glad we're likely keeping Singletary, and although very hesitantly I'm OK with us leeting go of Mike Martz. I don't even think I'm able to formulate an opinion on Greg Manusky because I cant tell if he's a good coordinator or not. I guess at this point I would say he's not, a good coordinator should make you aware of the fact that he's good, no? At any rate, I'll stop jawing (typing) now and get you on you way to optimal linkage. Enjoy.

As Fooch posted, make sure you go and vote for this Niners fan's submitted video. (

Is firing Martz the right way to go about things? Yeah, I feel like it is, and this article expands on my feeling. (

One of Singletary's strengths is definitely third downs. (

Gore getting 1,000 yards will not affect the decision on whether or not he'll be playing. I respect that in Singletary. (

Lowell Cohn makes a good point in the hiring of Singletary--says we shouldn't rush. (

Singletary says distractions are not allowed. Its kind of ironic in that it seems this entire week is one huge distraction. I hope the players keep up the good work. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

Our defense is looking to outplay the rather good Redskins' defense. (

This game is personal for Walt Harris, according to this article. (

Niners' defense is enjoying a remarkable turnaround. Awesome. (

Here's this week's Coordinators Corner. (

Aaand this week's Teams Talk, featuring CB Tarell Brown. (

Rookie Kentwan Balmer unhappy with the way he's played. (

This has absolutely nothing to do with the 49ers and is absolutely useless. You're welcome. (

Here's a short preview for Sunday's game. (

Wow. Mustaches continue to make the headlines. (

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