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Golden Nuggets: And so it ends...

Hey everybody, today should be a good game, yeah? I figure we run the ball, let Gore get his yards assuming he plays, I hope we see a bit of Dashon Goldson and I'm still going to cross my fingers and hope that Thomas Clayton gets played. I just want it to happen, I want to see if I'm right or wrong about this guy. Anyway, I haven't much to talk about. I hope today goes well, there's some nice links here for you, check 'em out. Oh..


The defense is keeping it simple, and improving because of it. (

Starkey is all emotional about signing off as the radio caller for the 49ers. (

Fooch gets interviewed about the upcoming game from a Washington writer. (

Can we keep focused on the game? It seems like its going to be pretty hard with all that's going on. (

Here's the scouting report for today's game. (

Frank Gore and Clinton Portis have a lot of respect for eachother. (

We started the season healthy, and we're ending the season mostly healthy. This is good. (

Singletary wont start Goldson who should be available to play even though he really has an urge to let him. (

Singletary wants more out of his pass rushers, and I believe he'll get it out of them next season. (

We've got a short preview from Samuel Lam over at Mining the Gold Rush. (

Wow uh... I dunno. Not really much to say about this article titled 'Raw Meat.' (

Practice days are officially over. (

Bryant Young will serve as an honorary game captain today. (

Here's a preview of today's game from (

Here's a weather update for today's game as well. (

Don't forget to check out the game center as well. (

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