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49ers 27 - Redskins 24: Well, that's certainly a wild finish to the season

After a first half that seemed intent on repeating last week's Rams game, the 49ers bounced back in the second half for one heck of a final win.  It seemed like we were headed into overtime after the Jason Campbell touchdown.  However, Shaun Hill put together a second straight week of 4th quarter magic and the 49ers pulled out a tight victory over the Washington Redskins 27-24.

The 49ers reach 7-9 for the second time in three years, finishing the season 4-1.  There will be plenty to ponder going forward, but for now, things aren't quite so bad in 49ersland.  I certainly don't want to give myself a false sense of optimism, but I think cautious optimism is not totally uncalled for right now.

There is plenty of time in the coming months to discuss the potential for 2009, but for now, let's just enjoy a relatively strong finish to the season.  Mike Nolan usually had strong finishes, but he never went 4-1 in any stretch as head coach.  Maybe Mike Singletary works out as a head coach, maybe he doesn't.  For now though, I'd like to think he could be the right man for the job going forward.

I'll have plenty more a little later this afternoon, but for now, consider this a quasi-celebratory thread.  Throw in the Cowboys absolutely embarrasing themselves in a must-win situation and things are good.  The only way to cap this?  As much as I don't like the Broncos, I'd love to see the fighting Norv Turners blow it tonight.