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49ers negotiating 4-year contract with Mike Singletary

As was pointed out by a few folks in the recap thread, the 49ers have immediately entered into negotiations for a contract extension.  Singletary spoke with the media and said they would be working on a four year deal.  Scot McCloughan issues a statement:

“As we stated earlier when we named Mike Singletary interim coach, we felt that he had the leadership qualities and attention to detail needed to be successful in this position. We are extremely excited about what he has brought to the organization during his time as interim coach. Now that the season has concluded, we will begin to enter into contract negotiations with Coach Singletary for him to become Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers.”

I'm pleased that the 49ers aren't screwing around with this.  Mike Singletary clearly did more than enough to show that he deserved to be a head coach.  Throw in what sounded like a quality meeting this past Monday and it's a no-brainer.  I'm sure the Cowher, Holmgren folks might be a little disappointed but I really see this as a win/win situation right now.

We'll definitely have more on this as the offseason progresses.