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Golden Nuggets: Four years, baby.

Hey guys, and we're on to the offseason, yeah? I'm (hopefully, if ya guys like me, etc) I'll continue to post the Nuggets daily updating you on everything Niners. There will likely be a few other big stories near the bottom of the links from now on as things quiet down in the coming weeks/months that don't have much to do with the Niners but are important nonetheless. Right now I'm pretty stoked, it was a good win and I'm happy that we're keeping Singletary. I'm so unsure how I feel about Mike Martz though, at one point I want to keep him, our offense is greatly improved. Then I wonder if that's because Singletary is balancing it well. Then I wonder if we're just playing better becau--well screw it. If we fire Martz, fine there better be someone good, if we don't, then... fine, the guy better figure out how to not stall in the red zone. And here's some links. (There's not much unique news today, links will be short.)

How 'bout that win, huh? How about Singletary as head coach? Pretty sweet. (

I'm sure you've heard, but Jed York is officially president of the team. (

The contract for Singletary was all set on Friday, everything fit so perfectly with the win yesterday to get it all done at once. Perfect. (

More on Singletary, with some notes from the game (considering the botched long snap, when they decided they wanted Singletary, etc.) (

Here's a few notes from the game. (

A nod to Frank Gore for becoming the first 49er in team history to rush for three consecutive 1,000 yard seasons. Good show, Gore. (

Give Jed York a chance. I agree with this article. (

Here's some quotes 'From the Locker Room.' (

Maiocco grades the Niners for yesterday. (

And some quotes from McCloughan. (

Should be a lot to update today. That is all for now.

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