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Takeo Spikes: "Bring me Back."

We're only a day into the offseason and we already have something to discuss in regards to free agency.  Various 49ers gave some parting words to Chrissy Mauck.  Foremost among them was linebacker Takeo Spikes:

“One of the things that I would like to see them do is to bring me back,” said Spikes when asked what needs to be done for the defense this off-season. “I want to be back.”


“I want to win. I feel like this is on, I feel like this is unfinished business.”

Spikes said he’s never had any regrets when he’s left his previous teams, whether it was his choice or not but that it would be a different story if he doesn’t return to the 49ers next season.

“I would have a regret about leaving this team just because this is something I felt like I had my hands in to be a part of.”

It's nice to see a guy fired up to be a part of this team.  I'll have plenty more reviews of Spikes and looking ahead to free agency.  I realize there is a need to develop a younger guy to be the future, but for the near future, I'm a fan of sticking with Takeo Spikes.  He's 32 years old and coming off his best season in several years.  I'd imagine it wouldn't take a long term deal to get him back.  If that's the case you can afford to throw a little extra money out there since it will be off the books sooner rather than later.

is there anybody out there who would actually want to just cut him loose?  Or is the general consensus to keep him?