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Golden Nuggets: Quiet confidence, all I can say

Hey guys, not much going on today. Now my excitement for the win last Sunday is completely gone, replaced by surprising quiet confidence in our team against the Jets come Sunday. I think we can pull it off, I hope we can pull it off, because I really don't want to be mad come Monday's edition. So I don't have much else to say, other than enjoy your links.

Here's an analysis of the first half of the Bills game from Niner Insider. (

Would you rather have Shaun Hill or Matt Cassel? Maiocco gives us a short comparison of the two. I believe I'd rather have Shaun Hill. What are your thoughts? (

Vernon Davis went back to school; is his own favorite player. I'm not surprised. (

On a day with very little news, I find a link for who was the best QB from the 49ers? Joe Montana or Steve Young? Check out this comparison. (

What do you think about Norv Turner coming back as offensive coordinator? I'm open to the idea, to an extent. Matt Barrows writes about it. (

Samuel Lam writes about how this is the last time Favre will play the Niners. Personally, I'm glad as well. He's beat us so bad its not even right. (

Defense was good last Sunday, but the offense wasn't very at all. This article sheds some light on the subject. (

Here's a 49ers team report from Yahoo Sports full of points, news, roster moves, etc. (

Singletary and Hill both believe that even if they play flawlessly between now and the offseason that they aren't guaranteed to be back next year as head coach and starting QB respectively. (

Singletary's act is working, or so this article says. ( says the 49ers are finally finishing. I'm not about to assume that's true until we have a lead against the Bretts and win it. (

They also state that the Niners are finding their identity. (

Here's a Q&A (dubbed "Two Minute Drill") with S Mark Roman. Apparently he loves Dave Chappelle. (

This victory is more than meaningless, while not exactly a turning point. (

That's all for now but I expect to update.

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