Week 14 Prediction Games

EDITOR'S NOTE 3:35PM: Was watching Florida-Alabama and studying for my first final on Monday and forgot to move this up.  Get your predictions in.

Alright folks, we officially have a month left in the prediction contest.  We are starting to see some separation after the top 8.  The two teams tied for 8th are 4 points ahead of the next team and looking to add further separation this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, there are some monstrous games all the way into Monday night.  I might venture to say this would be the type of weekend ESPN would coin "Separation Sunday" or some nonsense like that.  The Bills and Dolphins square off in a must-win for both teams.  Dallas currently sits just barely on the outside of the wild card looking in and has to go into Heinz Field Sunday afternoon.  And then of course, our very own 49ers are looking to trip up the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets playoff plans.

So, let's get to the games:

49ers vs. NY Jets - Sunday 12/7 1:05pm

Tampa Bay @ Carolina - MNF 12/8 5:30pm

Washington @ Baltimore - SNF 12/7 8:15pm

Atlanta @ New Orleans - Sunday 12/7 10:00am

Miami @ Buffalo - Sunday 12/7 1:05pm

Dallas @ Pittsburgh - Sunday 11/30 1:15pm

Best of luck to all as we continue to wind down the regular season.

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