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Golden Nuggets: To keep Martz, or not to keep Martz... that is the question.

Hey guys, James here. You know: this whole Martz thing is really driving me crazy. Not because I'm adamantly demanding that he stay, nor even that I'm profusely positive that he be given the boot. Its simply because I don't know what I'd do. Its like I'm stressing on this decision as if it were mine to make, I'm afraid that if they send him off I'll rage saying we should keep him, and if we keep him I'll likely come up with a list of ten names that I'd rather have. I'm so on the fence with this call that I just want to sleep and hope that when I wake up the decision has been made so I can figure out how I feel about it, ya know? Anyway, this has been one of my more useless rants that give you no actual information but hey, that's what I'm good for. You get links from me, and in payment you must endure my sensless babbling as you're no doubt still doing as this sentence continues and doesn't seem to want to e-. Ok, I'm done. Enjoy your links.

EDIT: There was only one update worth reading, but its a doozy (how do you spell doozy?) concerning Martz.

This article believes Shaun Hill has earned the starting job, to which I agree. I'm sorry but as far as next season goes I don't think we should be looking at anything other than a young QB to develop. Shaun Hill deserves his chance. (

This article looks at our free agents and who should be coming back. I'll start rallying for Keasey now. Other players I think should be back: TE Billy Bajema, KR Allen Rossum, CD Donald Strickland, ILB Takeo Spikes, and I'm on the fence about both HB DeShaun Foster and QB Alex Smith. (

Still no news on Martz and his return or his firing/leaving/whatever. Some of the players seem to like him, though. Again I'm on the fence about Martz. (

Samuel Lam thinks we'll be opening the next season on a Monday night against Arizona. (

Late season success brings hope. If Nolan were the head coach still, I'd laugh at this article. Late season success and Nolan go hand in hand, as did let-downs the next year. This time it feels different. (

Matt Barrows makes an early draft prediction, saying the Niners will take WR Percy Harvin. (

49ers are five steps from the playoffs. (

Hey, we had a game two days ago, remember? Here's Team Issued with Shaun Hill on the Redskins. (

Frank Gore told Clinton Portis "I thought I had a good game on one leg, imagine if I was healthy – I would’ve killed y’all." Nice. (

The players are down, nobody wanted to go home in December. Lets hope they turn that feeling into something good next season. (

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