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Schefter reports 49ers will not retain Mike Martz

EDITOR'S UPDATE 12:45PM: Maiocco spoke with Mike Martz and he has not met with club officials yet and is under the impression he has NOT been fired yet.  He seems to think he'll be gone, but is working as a man still on the payroll.  This could get more bizarre by the hour.

Ninjames was kind enough to include a link in the Golden Nuggets about this, but it seems worthy of a separate post.  Adam Schefter of is reporting that league sources informed him that Mike Martz will not be back in 2009.  The 49ers are holding their end of season press conference tomorrow at 2pm so I'd imagine the official announcement will be made at that point.

I'd imagine Mike Singletary has some guys in mind as a potential replacement, but who really knows, right?  Maiocco has indicated in the past that he thought it would be a young QB coach.  Feel free to start brain-storming some names if you know of any.  I know Norv Turner is someone everybody wants.  However, the Chargers indicated Turner would not be fired even before they won the division.  Now that they're in the playoffs I'd imagine he sticks around there for another year.

I'll throw one name out there.  What about Ted Tollner, the 49ers current QB coach and assistant to the head coach?  He's getting up there in age, but he would certainly present some level of continuity.  His hiring as an offensive assistant in 2007 occurred two weeks before Shaun Hill took over as QB.  Hmmmmm....

Definitely more to come on this subject.