New Offensive Coordinator Options

With mike martz now officially fired, who do you all think would be a good fit for our niners? I wanted to start this thread so that people can post some rumors or suggestions. Things to keep in mind

A) fits with the Singletary mindset of smash mouth football

B) someone who will stick around and develop with Singletary for years to come. Mike Martz did a decent job with the niners and I dont think anyone will disagree that he could have stayed on with the team. However, he didnt seem to be a good long term solution.

I will start. How about our old friend NORV TURNER. Seems like he would be the perfect fit for us, other than the fact that hes the current head coach of the chargers. I do think that they will get beat badly this weekend and he could lose his job, thus making him a longshot candidate but one I would support.

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