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Golden Nuggets: Not a whole lot other than, you know, the biggest decision this offseason looming.

Hey guys, James here. There's not a whole lot of unique news to be had as of right now, everybody is pretty much focused on the firing of Mike Martz. I'm miles from home right now on a laptop I cant stomach so I'll cut this article short and give you the few precious links to be had today. I will update as I can.

So who's next at coordinator, then? Kevin Lynch takes a quick look. (

Here's the Wrap Up from Sunday's game. (

The pro bowl is now being played before the super bowl. (

Due to lack of pressing news here's an article about Joe Starkey. (

That's all for now, there's not a lot and again, I'm away from home. Hopefully at least the initial post will open up the comments so people can have at it with more links.

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