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Second chance to get published in a New York Times blog

A little under two months ago the 49ers faced the New York Giants in a game that did not end well.  Prior to that game, the New York Times football blog, The Fifth Down, did some quick preview stuff with 49ers bloggers.  For those that remember, we were able to get several contributions posted.

Now that the 49ers are facing the Jets, this same opportunity has arisen.  I meant to get this up earlier in the week, but today will have to do.  For those that don't remember, I'll explain things again and here's a link to that post as well.  Each contributor would need to provide 100 words or less about the 49ers and then a prediction of the final score.  Here's how the NY Times folks described it:

What I propose is for you (and however many of your blogging cronies want to play along) to analyze the game in about 100 words or less, and then pick the score.
For my idea, you’d start first with a sentence or two that introduced yourself, and your blog. Just as a means of promoting yourself and your blog. Then you write 100 words about the game. Most ask a question and then answer it, but you can do whatever you want. When you are done, you pick a score for the game. And call it good. O.K.?
Your introductory stuff and your prediction do not count against your word count. And, to be honest, just get close to 100 words. I am not going to trim you to fit; 110 would be fine, 150 would not.

I'll submit as many entries as I get in the next 36 hours as I need to email the submissions by Friday afternoon.  Again, look at some of the entries as examples in the comments of the previous post.  Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or email me.