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Golden Nuggets: Statistics without a DVOA? What?

Hey guys, how's it going, James here etc etc. Getting this post up a little late but there's definitely some quality links to be read. One thing I found funny today was I was reading a statistical preview (found below in one the links) and I couldn't help but scoff at the lack of information. For instance, the lack of very situational information that only the absurdly obsessed would be interested in. I think its because Florida Danny has spoiled me rotten with the reviews and previews. No other statistics work anymore. I refuse to read them. I'm sure, however, that this is not the case for everyone and I will continue to link to other statistics because I'm sure ONE OF YOU can find it interesting at least. So, here's your links. Enjoy.

We'll start with an article that just makes me grin and shake my head in utter confusion. Grin because I think the whole situation with Plaxico is humorous; utter confusion because I don't see how a player can ruin their career like that. Anyway, the Chronicle put together a poll of the Niners locker room to see who owned firearms. (

Singletary is very humbled by his wins, his team, and the attention he's getting. Good. I think a Singletary power trip could be pretty dangerous. (

Frank Gore is better than he's played. In fact, this article says he should be somewhere other than San Francisco. It almost makes me feel guilty. I hope we get good and fast, this guy deserves a winning season. (

The Dolphins claimed WR Chris Hannon off waivers yesterday. That's odd, why now of all times? An insider, maybe? Grr, Parcells. Grr. (

Singletary says he was born to coach. Really? I still feel like he was born to play LB. (

Nate Clements seems to be limited by a fractured thumb. Whyyyy. (

We signed LB Justin Roland to the practice squad, and missed out on Chris Hannon seeing as the Dolphins picked him up. (

Mark Roman hasn't caught an interception in almost two years. Man... that really blows. I don't have much else to say. Everybody pretty much knows my distaste for this guy. (

Here's a very interesting article--Why Mike Singletary shoudl be coach next year. (

Could Issac Bruce be returning punts? I don't know how I feel about this. No opinion at all. All I can say is I like Michael Robinson. Do with that what you will. (

We've got another post about Singletary, what he needs to do to keep his job, should he keep his job, etc. (

In Catch 82 Bryant Johnson talks about the Jets. (

Brett Favre has still got it, and here's an article about him, his Jets, and what we've got to fear. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

Is it bad that when I look at any charts or graphs that aren't posted by Danny I somehow don't trust them? You've ruined all other statistical analysis for me, I hope you know this. Anyway, judges the Jets. (

So what to do at punt returner? Singletary hints Battle but I'm more concerned with Battle taking back over in the slot over Jason Hill. I like Hill, a lot, and I think he needs more playing time. I'm hoping he gets more consideration in the offseason and not shunted again. (

We're getting some respect from a Jets blog. (

Mike Singletary is worth watching. Then again, we already knew that, no? (

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