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49ers Freeze Season Ticket Prices for 2009

One upside to the 49ers struggles this season is that the 49ers have decided to freeze season ticket prices for 2009 "in appreciation of the steadfast loyalty from the 49ers Faithful."

“It is our obligation to provide our season holders with the highest value for their investment of time, money and emotion in our team,” said team owner Jed York. “All of us at the 49ers --owners, coaches, players and staff -- share a common goal of returning this franchise to its position at the top of the NFL. We will do everything in our power to get there.”

“We know what our fans want, and more importantly what they deserve,” said York. “I want and expect the same thing. I am committed to making the 49ers a Super Bowl champion again.”

I'm sure there are plenty of snide comments to be made, but I'd say they deserve kudos for this because they certainly didn't have to freeze prices. Given the nature of the economy and the on-field troubles of the team it's probably a good idea from the PR persepective, but also in doing what they can to fill seats and avoid potential blackouts. Words has spread that the team has had to buy up tickets to avoid blackouts, so this might even save them money from doing that.

If you don't have tickets but have thought about getting them, would this tip you into buying them? If you'd thought about giving up seats because of the on-field performance, would this convince you otherwise?