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Golden Nuggets: I wish Sunday would get here

Edit: Make sure you check out the comments I've got some more links up, noteworthy is Nate Clements getting surgery.

You know, regardless of how this game turns out I just want Sunday to get here so I can get it over with. I'm utterly unconcerned with the rest of our games this season, for some reason this particular matchup with the Jets is a point of excitement for me. If we play well then I want to see the rest of the season and follow the offseason religiously. If we play bad I want to hide away for a long time and pretend to be a hockey fan. (Go.. Sharks?) Maybe not to that extent but I just want this game to be over with so I can actually formulate an opinion on my Niners. I don't know what to think of them, I'm stoked about the win at Buffalo, but I'm unsure where to rank them. If we can beat the Jets, then all the better, we're a legitimate team. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be completely distraught if we lose I just... want a win now more than ever this season, really--except maybe at the Cowboys game. At any rate, I didn't mean to babble for this long, there's some quality links for your enjoyment. Take your pick and enjoy..

Here's a pretty good summation for as far as news goes from Niners Insider including an injury report. (

Center Eric Heitman has his work cut out for him. Kris Jenkins is an absolute beast. (One thing that's irking me. What's with Mike Martz saying "this is the best 'insert position here' I've coached in my seventeen years blah blah.."? It seems like he's talking out of his [site decorum] to me.) (

Here's an article that draws attention to Mike Martz and his "compliments." (

More on Martz and his praise for Heitman. I sure hope he's NOT just spouting nonsense. (

Maiocco gives a bit of an injury report as well. (

Looks like Mike Martz is a prospect for head coach of San Diego State. (

Martz, however, says that the only job he's concerned with right now is his current employ with the 49ers. Good stuff. (

Barry Sims is likely to be back in action on Sunday, though Adam Snyder will still be starting at right tackle. Snyder seems to be struggling on and off, and I'm hoping Sims can bring some stability to the position. (

With every article about Eric Heitman I read I seem to realize how little I actually know about him, and just how big the matchup with Jenkins will be. (

So is there any other motive to the Dolphins signing wide receiver Chris Hannon? You know, instead of their very capable practice squad standout Anthony Armstrong. I wouldn't know what advantage it would give, much like the writer of this article but its worth a thought. (

Here's yesterday's edtion of Singletary's Notebook, always a good read. (

Frank Gore is nearing 1,000 yards. He'll be the first 49er to do so in three consecutive seasons. (

Here's this weeks Points of the Game. (

We're still tied for second in sacks allowed in the league--but we're allowing less and less. Hopefully even less against the Jets? Maybe wishful thinking. (

Here's a pretty good preview of Sunday's game. (

This article claims Gore needs more touches. Then again, so have hundreds of others. (

That's all for now, there should be a lot more today. Friday's usually get a lot, Saturdays get nothing at all and Sunday mornings get a bunch hopefully.  Hope you enjoyed.

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