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Golden Nuggets: Knock the snot out of 'em!

Hey guys, if you're wondering where the title came from just browse the first link and all will be answered. Anyway, this one is getting up a little late, I apologize for anyone who reads it just as soon as I post it around 3-3:30 PST, its now 4:10 and I'm going to post as many as I can so you guys can read. A lot of previews today, and much to my dismay some statistics. But hey, I guess I cant rely on Danny for everything, right? So here's your links. Enjoy.

We'll start with this article. Singletary thinks some rules should be changed about protecting the quarterback. He wants to 'knock the snot out of 'em.' So awesome. Sooo awesome. (

Here's the video preview from the game center for tomorrow's game. (

Here's a look at how the weather should be looking during the game. (

What have we got to fear from the Jets? I dunno, maybe this guy. (

49er greats Steve Young and Jerry Rice stop by NBC's 'The Biggest Loser' (

Clements playing streak is on the line against the Jets. I guess that's not all that's on the line, when our starting corner isn't playing against one of the NFL's best quarterbacks. Ouch. (

Here's a preview from ESPN for tomorrow's game. (

It hurts to post these, but here's a pair of (non-Danny) statistics reviewing the offense and defense before and after Mike Singletary. Offense and Defense.(

Here's an all-around general article about the Niners, labled Team Report. (

Aaaand we've got another preview, this one from Yahoo Sports. (

Our defense is becoming more of a true 3-4. (

The writer of this mock draft seems to think that CB Vontae Davis will be the Niners' first pick. He's brother to Vernon Davis. (

Good news at wide receiver, Battle and Morgan are likely to play. (

Here's this week's Coordinator's Corner. (

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