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Golden Nuggets: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Aaand another Sunday is here, another game to watch with more emotion than I probably should. I expect, once again, more yelling, head shaking, but very hopefully--smiles, cheers and light dancing. Yes, dancing. Anyway, I don't have much else to say other than enjoy your links and of course, the mandatory...


You know, with all these players saying they want to sack Favre or get a pick on Favre it sure seems that they think its gonna be easy. They're saying he's a hall of famer, but at the same time pretty much throwing it out there that we're guaranteed some picks and sacks. I love the confidence. (

Here's some matchups for today's game from the Chronicle. (

Ahh.. Something I sitll cant get out of my head. Where would we be if Shaun Hill started instead of O Sullivan? I'm not sure but I feel some things needed to happen, as this article says had we started Hill we may have more wins which would mean Nolan would likely still be here and I don't think that's good. (

Here's some stats and an all around good article/preview for today's game from Niner Insider. (

Matt Maiocco provides some key matchups and an awesome comment from Fred Dean, who's being honored at halftime about laying Farve out. (

Singletary respects Favre's arm(doesn't stop him from wanting to "knock the snot out of 'em")--Roman just sees it as an opportunity to end his no-interception streak of almost two years. (

Here's the scouting report for today's game from SacBee. (

Don't forget to check out the game center. (

And of course the written preview. (

Here's the weather update, I posted it yesterday but may as well again for today. (

Here's a preview from our resident Jets blog, GangGreenNation. (

And another preview, this one from NinerNoise. (

Here's a preview from a Jets blog, in which Danny got some linkage for his preview earlier this week. (

That's all for now guys, I'll try and update as much as possible before the game.

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