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Golden Nuggets: So pumped... so pumped.

Ahem.. CALLED IT. Anyway. I may not have called the score right, but we won by ten and I got that much right. Either way we won and played well and I'm excited for that. I'm cautiously excited, I actually believe every case of excitement for the Niners these days are cautiously approached because lets face it--we've all been let down a lot over the years from this team. But perhaps.. just maybe.. we're getting something together. I can only hope. I'll shutup now. Here's your links, enjoy.

We'll start with some review, in the form of a play by play if you need any refreshing. (

And a nice post-game article also from Kevin Lynch of Niner Insider. (

Here's another play by play, this one from Maiocco. (

Gore is sore--but he's happy for the win. He says he's gonna come back and play. I hope so. (

Always interesting (and in this case satisfying) to check out what the opposition is saying. Here's a post-game article from our resident Jets blog. (

Shaun Hill "kicked Brett Favre's butt!" Yeah. That's how we roll. (

Its very clear Singletary wants the job as head coach come 2009; its also very clear he's not about to ask for it. That's admirable, really. (

Here's a nice post-game article full of quotes, points, etc. Mostly positive. 49ers dominate Jets. (

The 49ers finally play good against a good team--of note in this article is the praise for Heitman. He handled Jenkins so well, earning the respect given from Martz previously. (

Joe Staley got himself a touchdown. Good stuff, that spike. (

Shaun Hill and Mike Singletary's chances for 2009 are looking better and better. (

This guy doesn't seem to like Singletary for next season. He seems to be the only one, I guess. I don't agree with his points at all, especially the bit about passion. (

Shaun Hill outplays Favre, we win. End of story. (

More recaps from the opposition. These make me way too happy. (

Some points from the game, in the form of thumbs up or down from (

Here's a very complete postgame article from Chrissy Mauck over at the official website. Matchups, quotes, memorable plays.. its got it all. (

49ers cool the Jets. Too bad we're not in the AFC East, huh? (

The Cardinals have won the division. /wrist (

Here's some rapid notes from the game from a Jets blog. (

Random, scattered Niner thoughts from this blog. (

Here's more postgame articles from Jets blogs. Sorry but I love these, absolutely love them. With this post going up early I'm probably missing a few 3AM/6AM links but I'll definitely be on at 3 sharp to search. (

Could the Chargers steal away Mike Singletary? What about the Eagles? The Vikings? They may need him. But they better not. I fear I might weep if they do. (

That's all for now, be back at 3 AM to update if there's anything, enjoy, go Niners, etc etc.

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