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Golden Nuggets: Just sign Clayton, please!

As of 3:00 PM PST I've updated in the comments--check out the other links.

Hey guys, James here. The topic title pretty much says what's on my mind right now. Obviously I'd love to have Gore healthy but if he doesn't get to play are we really going to start DeShaun Foster? Yeah, we are. But I think we need to sign Thomas Clayton. Absolutely have to. This guy is a certified beast and I want him on the roster. In fact, this offseason, I hope we turf Foster and bring Clayton in as a full backup. He can take some of the touches for Gore, make it more of a two-back running attack that seems to be getting popular. Anyway, I have nothing else to talk about because all that's really on my mind right now is Thomas Clayton, getting him signed, and this delicious, delicious tea. Enjoy the links, folks.

Our goal is to go 8-8. Fine, I'll accept that. For now. (

Singletary say's Vernon Davis' blocking is the best he's every seen from a tight end. This may be pushing it. (

Did you see Singletary chewing the refs out at halftime? It was bloody brilliant... The fact that he didn't want to settle, always wanted to attack. Good stuff. (

Mike Martz deserves credit--and I'll give it to him. Again: for now. (

I was originally going to talk about this article in a different way but now I can only say: "OMG Thomas Clayton siting." (Note, picture this in your head as very high pitched, giddy, and a very tired looking 6'7'' guy jumping into the air from a sitting position clapping like... like a little girl.) ANYWAY. Link. (

Here's Matt Maiocco's latest thoughts on Singletary and Hill. (

More about the running back situation. I really hope we promote Clayton. For some reason I feel like somebody might snatch him up some day. (Wouldn't that be the worst if the Dolphins took him just so he cant beast on 'em Sunday?) But anyway, also to note is a pretty interesting quote from Shaun Hill at the end about Vernon Davis. (

More on that quote and Davis' game in general here. (

Even more on the running back situation, and a nice snippet about Nolan. (

Now I'm scared. Clayton has apparently received some interest from other teams this season. I dunno why I like this guy so much. Anyway, this article focuses on the pro bowl. (

Samuel Lam gives us an article about the state of the Niners, how we will finish, etc and a preview for Miami to boot. (

Get ready, Niner fans.. The race to .500 is on. (\

This week's Team Issued features Joe Staley. (

May as well go vote for Vernon Davis for the pro bowl--even though he wont get in on receptions everyone seems pretty set on calling him a great blocker. (

Thomas Clayton apparently thought Martz hated him. (But Martz is a huge fan, apparently.) (

Here's yesterdays edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

That's all for now. Enjoy.

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