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SF Mayor Gavin Newsom signs draft financial plan for Candlestick Point

I was going to post this in the links, but I think it's worth it's own story.  According to the San Francisco Examiner, yesterday, Mayor Gavin Newsom signed a draft financial plan for a $2 billion redevelopment of Candlestick Point and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Newsom and his staff can now move forward on negotiations with Lennar Corp. to reach a final agreement on the project, which is scheduled to include homes, parkland, retail space, office and industrial space, and, if needed, a new football stadium.

I'd imagine the 49ers are still working on their Santa Clara stadium, but for now, a San Francisco-based stadium would seem to still be alive.  The upside to this continuing forward?  More opportunities to keep the 49ers in the Bay Area.  Still plenty of chances to [site decorum] it up, but hopefully Jed York will take care of business.