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NFL Combine Scouting Widget

In the initial NFL Combine post I mentioned had a scouting combine widget. If you have a blog, use Facebook, MySpace, or a variety of other social networking sites, you can plug in the widget. From what little I've seen, it appears that you can get some basic info about the combine and player-specific info if you click on their name/picture on the left side.

The widget is a little too wide for the sidebar so I'm wondering if anybody has suggestions for how best to utilize it? The first one I thought of was include it in any Draft related post. So, for instance, if I did a post on Friday about the combine, I'd add the code for it and delete it from this post. I'm just trying to come up with some way to make it most useful for you folks. Also, you can apparently use it on your desktop with Yahoo Widgets, Vista Gadget and Mac Dashboard.

Anyways, go to town with it and let me know your thoughts.

EDITOR'S NOTE 9:15PM - I also meant to mention that I've made some changes to the Mock Draft Database. If you look on the left side of the front page, you can click on the various rounds of mock drafts. We're at over 50 first round mocks, 20+ second round mocks and 10+ third round mocks, with plenty more to come.