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It's an NFL Combine Saturday - Open Thread

EDITOR'S NOTE 2:50PM - If you get a chance, swing by Big Cat Country, our Jaguars blog. Their blogger, River City Rage, is actually in Indy at the Combine and is mixing in a little Live Blogging from the Combine and the bars around there. He's been trying to get info from scouts but they seem to want to discuss everything BUT football.

As more and more offseason events become more and more important (I'm talking to you NFL Combine, first few days of free agency and minicamps), the amount of down time decreases almost exponentially.

The busy time of the NFL offseason is already underway with the NFL Combine currently taking place. The world's largest human cattle call will drastically alter many mock drafts leading to plenty of work in updating our mock draft database later next week. I won't be around much this weekend so I thought I'd open up a thread for discussions of all things combine. We've got the Combine widget down below and I thought I'd also provide you with the NFL Network television schedule for your viewing enjoyment.

First off, for those without the NFL Network you can check out at the combine. From 8am to 11am pacific time they have a live feed and for us West Coast folks, there is plenty of video to check out later, although not live. It looks like you can check out top performers from the day, player interviews and various press conferences. What more could you want, right?

For those of you with the NFL Network, kickers, offensive lineman and tight ends will be working out starting at 10am pacific, with a reair at 1pm pacific and a shorter version at 5 and 8pm. Additionally, there will be press conferences at 11am and Total Access Live from the Combine airs at 4pm. So definitely plenty to keep you busy. Well at least plenty if you enjoy watching kickers, offensive linemen and tight ends run the 40 and take part in the random drills. Of course those lineman who are double the size of me can run this stuff faster than me so I guess I can't really say much.

If you've got nothing going on Sunday, the skill positions will be having their workouts which should be slightly more interesting. I really am curious what kind of ratings the NFL Network draws for this kind of stuff.