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Breaking News: Everybody signs with the 49ers - Free Agency Open Thread

EDITOR'S UPDATE 5:10PM - Not much new to report, although MM is reporting the 49ers are close to a 2-year deal with Isaac Bruce. Apparently they're working on getting closer on dollar figures. A 2-year deal doesn't really bother me all that much no matter what the amount since it's not a cap-killer. I'm heading out now and will have a recap of the day as far as the 49ers are concerned late tonight. Not a touchdown day, but I think we got a few first downs and are slowly moving towards the end zone.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 11:51AM - From MM's blog: "I've heard the 49ers have started serious talks with recently released Rams receiver Isaac Bruce. Mike Martz, understandly, really wants him."

EDITOR'S UPDATE 8:10AM - Good morning everybody and welcome to the first full day of free agency. As has been pointed out in the comments, the 49ers have hit the ground running with some small, but significant signings. The DeShaun Foster deal is done at 2 years, $1.8 million. They've also landed a potential third string QB in JT O'Sullivan at a league minimum one year deal. Finally, they have a potential replacement for Derek Smith in Dontarrious Thomas, formerly of the Vikings with a 2-year deal. Thomas was backing up EJ Henderson and seems like an upside guy who hasn't quite reached his potential. We'll see what he can do in the 3-4. More to come later.

Ok so maybe that's just a sliiiiiight exaggeration.  Nonetheles, it is now just past 9pm local time, midnight eastern time.  Obviously there have been no signings yet since that would be the equivalent of spitting into the face of the NFL's tampering policy.  However, I thought for now I'd open up a new thread for when the signings start rolling in.  I do think the 49ers get a deal done on Day 1 of free agency, but I'm going to guess/predict it happens sometime later in the afternoon at the earliest.  I'll predict either Justin Smith or Calvin Pace is the first player signed by the 49ers.

Rumors are flowing freely so when confirmation comes in, go ahead and use this thread for announcements and discussion.  I'll be in and out during the day, but will do my best to get breaking news up as quick as possible throughout the day.  As the 49ers get deals done I'll put together scouting reports, with more in-depth reports to come later as the dust clears.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 9:56PM - Well that was quick. MM is reporting Justin Smiley has agreed to a 5-year deal worth $25 million with the Miami Dolphins. Smiley says they called him as soon as they were able to. Nope, no tampering there (I wonder how many tampering references I can make over the first day of free agency?). Also, MM is saying the Vikings are sending a plane to California to pick up Bernard Berrian which probably means we won't see him as a 49er next year. No big deal as far as I'm concerned.