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Super Bowl XLII Open Thread - New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

And so we reach the finale of the 2007 NFL Season (nobody counts the Pro Bowl).  After today, everything resets and the road to Super Bowl XLIII begins.  For 49ers fans, that means we can FINALLY close the book on a disastrous 2007 campaign and look ahead to Patrick Willis greatness and Alex Smith trying to avoid death in the Mike Martz offense.  It will definitely be an interesting 2008 season, but for now enjoy the Super Bowl.

If you're wandering around Niners Nation today, I've updated the First Round Mock Draft Database and I've added a database of mock drafts that cover the second round.  As I get time in the coming week or so I'll be adding a database for those that go into the third round, fourth round and beyond.  We'll make it an all-encompassing database.

Also, there is still time to get in your Super Bowl predictions so make sure to get yours in. I'm going 40-9 Patriots.

So enjoy the Super Bowl, and feel free to use this thread for discussion of the game, the commercials or just about whatever you want.