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Congratulations to the New York Giants and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning (WOW!)

I'll be perfectly frank here: When Eli Manning was at Ole Miss I was pretty indifferent to him.  When he pulled the stunt before the draft demanding a trade to New York he drew my ire.  Since he entered the pros, I have not been an Eli Manning fan.  He always seemed a wee bit overrated, as if he was riding Peyton's coattails more than anything else.

And yet, this playoff run, culminating in a wild upset of the Patriots has earned a little bit of my respect.  I still have my issues with Eli, but he stepped up as any good quarterback is expected to do.  In spite of a less than stellar regular season campaign, Eli made plays and was one of the big keys to the Giants doing what they did this postseason.  The Giants are Super Bowl champions in no small part due to Eli Manning.  I definitely did not picture myself stating that at the beginning of the season, or even at the beginning of the playoffs.

And of course, this little drama would not have been complete without the team you either loved or loved to hate, the New England Patriots.  The Patriots will forever go down as the team that "choked" when history was in their grasp.  However, they would not be remembered as chokers, if not for how great their run was up to that point.  18-1 is nothing to sneeze at, but they lost their chance to be amongst the immortals.  And they also screwed up a chance to shut up those damn '72 Dolphins.  I just turned on my tv and on ESPN their was a Reebok commercial that really just pissed me off.  A bunch of old guys are playing a football game in the front yard and it's a bunch of the old '72 Dolphins.  Eventually a truck pulls up that says, "Giant Couriers."  A guy gives Mercury Morris a box that includes Giants Super Bowl Champs tshirts and also inside the box is a football with a note that says something like "Here's to enjoying it one more year" and is signed by Eli.  That's some serious hubris and one more reason to not like the '72 Dolphins.

So on that, if you want to see a blog burn itself down, head on over to Big Blue View, our Giants blog.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 9:50am - YouTube has the footage of Eli escaping from the grasp of the entire Patriots defensive line. Head on over to jfainsf49's diary to help determine a name for this amazing play.