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One more reason Patrick Willis is THE MAN

Courtesy of Game Tap via The Big Lead, Patrick Willis continues to be just a beast of a man.

"I've been a Madden fan since way back, and before that, I was on that Tecmo Bowl. Played as the Raiders all the time. But I've been playing Madden since '98 on Super Nintendo when all you heard was 'Ugh! Ugh!' throughout the game. I'm still a big fan of the ambulance. I just wish they made it more real now," he says. "I want to hit people so hard that they get hurt bad. Every time I play, they sprain their toe. I want them to hurt their neck or break their arm or something more painful. I wish they had something outrageous if you get a good hit stick on someone. You get some good hits now, they might fumble, but I want to hurt them."

Willis deadpanned the whole "hurt people" comment as I gave him the uneasy laugh back, then the 49er continued to play Madden while wearing his shades (inside a club at night can hurt your eyes, you know), hiding all emotion as he tried to bury opponents and bring the hurt (even hinting that he's not above slapping someone's hand during a big play in order to gain an advantage).

Needless to say I'm not surprised at all that Patrick Willis takes Madden so seriously.  He brings the hurtin on the football field, so why not do the same in Madden.

(Courtesy of via The Big Lead)