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Random 49ers Crap on eBay

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So when I get bored I like to poke around eBay to see what kind of random stuff is for sale.  I've bought a couple things off of eBay as I'm sure many of you have and it's amazing the kind of things you can find there.  It's literally the world's storage attic being opened up for a yard sale.  So I thought I'd see what kind of random 49ers stuff I could find for our collective amusement and possibly purchase if you find something you like.  And we're not talking about your usual assortment of jerseys and Frank Gore bobbleheads.  No my friends, we are looking to go in the way-back machine and see what the world has to offer.  And of course completely random works just as nicely.

Ted Kwalick 7-Eleven cup - This is available in the eBay Store for the low, low price of $2, plus $5 shipping!  Kwalick played tight end for the 49ers from 1969-1974 and made the Pro Bowl 3 straight seasons.

1972 49ers NFL Poster by Bartell (not sure who that is) - It's hard to tell who's who but this is a pretty sweet looking poster.  At $7 (plus $7 for shipping), it's a veritable bargain.

49ers Jack-in-the-Box Antenna Ball - Words cannot describe this.  For $6.43 I'm just a little too tempted by this.

Joe Montana Maxwell House Coffee Can - I can't believe people buy this kind of stuff.

49ers Pumpkin Carving Kit - A 49ers pumpkin would just about cover everything a fan needs.

"49ers University" diploma - If you own this, no offense, but, REALLY???

Joe Cool back in the day - This would actually be a fun retro t-shirt to have.  And $15 isn't too shabby.

World's Worst 49ers Marketing Idea - Buy this just to strap a cherry bomb to it.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed there wasn't more random stuff.  I've heard of some crazy sales on eBay and expected nothing less among hardcore 49ers fans.  So anybody here have random 49ers merchandise that collected dust for years in their attic?