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Best wide receivers in the league...and Bryant Johnson

So it appears the NFL folks at the world wide leader are bored.  They're rolling out features discussing the all time greats at various positions, and then the best currently playing.  Currently they're discussing the top 64 wide receivers in the league (not sure how they decided on 64).  Anyways, I thought I'd check out the 49ers receivers listed and use it as the impetus for a Bryant Johnson scouting report.  I never threw up a general scouting report on Johnson so now seems as good a time as any.

#42. Isaac Bruce - "Bruce joined the 49ers this offseason after 13 outstanding seasons in St. Louis. This 14-year veteran is on the downside of his career and his skills are diminishing, but he might be able to give the marginal 49ers receiving corps some consistency."

#50. Bryant Johnson - "Johnson has been a solid receiver, but he hasn't become the top-tier target many experts projected. Many of his problems have stemmed from inconsistent quarterback play and marginal pass protection. Johnson is still a relatively young receiver and we expect him to improve."

Some guys right around Bruce were Reggie Williams, Derrick Mason, Reggie Brown and Chris Henry.  Guys around Johnson included Sidney Rice, Mark Clayton, Roscoe Parrish, Michael Jenkins.  

Isaac Bruce probably brings a consistency and some solid leadership skills.  Arnaz Battle brings a level of consistency that will hopefully work well as a #3 in Mike Martz's system.  Anything from Ashley Lelie would be a bonus and Jason Hill has to prove what he can do.  However, Bryant Johnson is a true X-factor for this season.  Will he blow up now that he's not stuck behind Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin?  Or maybe he's destined to be categorized as a bust.  From Scout's Inc:

Johnson is well-built, physical and fast . . .[with] quality tools and a good feel for the game. He can find voids in coverage when a play breaks down [and] knows how to use his size and strength to create separation. He is a solid intermediate target . . . But Johnson's focus and consistency need to improve . . . He makes many of the plays he should, but he doesn't offer much big-play ability. He doesn't play up to his timed speed. His effort as a route runner and downfield blocker could be better. He could be even more physical and a little tougher.

I mentioned Isaac Bruce's ranking in part because it's possible he could help Bryant Johnson develop as a receiver.  Johnson was behind two young ball hawks in Boldin and Fitzgerald.  Now he'll be working with a classy veteran who has nothing left to prove in the league.  It will be interesting to see if he can develop and make the proverbial leap, or if he'll never be more than an average receiver in the NFL.  The ranking of Johnson mentions playing behind inconsistent QB play and marginal pass protection, but that hasn't stopped Fitzgerald and Boldin from racking up catches.  I'm inclined to believe it's lack of focus.  Hopefully something will light a fire under him this season.  He could be a big key in turning this thing around sooner rather than later.