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Diary Deletion

Just a quick update following the back and forth on the Bears stuff.  It got a little heated and insults were flying back and forth so once the air was cleared somewhat, I've decided to delete the diary so we can move forward.  I have no problem talking a little smack as long as it's backed up with some sort of even remotely logical argument.  When people start calling each other morons and hurling slurs back and forth, nothing good can come of it.

I take the blame for things getting a little out of hand, and hopefully this won't be a problem in the future.  I don't want people to get discouraged by some of the discourse that was going on.  I still plan on using the Stoolies name and logo, but I think all points were sufficiently made.  Things are quiet right now, so hope everyone can enjoy some quality basketball this weekend (Davidson rocking Wisconsin's world right now).  I'll get some stuff up this weekend, so see you then.