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2008 SB Nation Mock Draft

With April finally hitting the calendars tomorrow, the time has come again for the 2008 SB Nation Mock Draft.  Now that we have a mock draft website, the draft will be hosted by Mocking the Draft.  Since we have some honest to goodness scouts affiliated with SB Nation, we'll get some extra juicy analysis of each pick.  The structure of the mock draft will be as follows:

  • 3 picks per day: They'll be posted at approximate 10am, 3pm and 8pm (all times eastern).

  • No Trades - I was one of the proponents of no trading.  I like the idea of discussing the potential for a trade of the pick, but to actually trade picks creates too much speculation.

  • 2 rounds: We went 3 rounds last year, but will schedule just 2 for this year.  However, if things run smoothly and we have enough time, a 3rd round might be added

I'll create a diary for discussion as picks come in.  If you check Mocking the Draft and see a pick I haven't included in the diary yet, feel free to mention it.

Additionally, as we get closer to the 49ers pick hopefully conversation will pick up on who we want.  It certainly doesn't have to be the same guy from our own mock draft, although I'm still a fan of his.

So I'll create that diary later this evening.  In the meantime, for discussion purposes, the Dolphins have selected Chris Long, DE, Virginia with the first pick of the SB Nation Mock Draft.