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So apparently Brett Favre had a press conference today?

I know many 49ers fans (myself included) considering Brett Favre an abomination who destroyed our hopes and dreams during the mid to late 90s.  At the same time, we recognize he was a pretty bad ass football player.  I certainly don't have him in my top 5 QBs of all time, but he was definitely a highly talented individual who could make things happen on the football field.

Some folks over at had a live feed earlier today of Favre's retirement press conference.  As I'm a West Coaster who happens to be enjoying his spring break, I didn't wake up until AFTER said press conference was over.  I haven't had a chance to check out the press conference but I'm guessing there's only like a 20% chance Brett breaks down in tears.  I think the press conference also lowers the chances of him returning from 50-50 to like 20 or 30%.  Anyways, to check out the press conference, click on Brett below.