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Looks like the 49ers are balancing their checkbook rather well...

I was poking around Matt Maiocco's blog and Matt Barrow's blog and they rolled out Justin Smith's contract numbers and the cap figures.  Needless to say, the 49ers continue to take care of business on the contract end of things.  No more severe back-loading of contracts and having to pay the piper sometime down the road.  We all know the Nate Clements deal is significantly better than most people are willing to give the 49ers credit for.  The Justin Smith deal is not too shabby in its own right.  According to MM, Smith gets an $11 million signing bonus and $5.75 million in roster bonuses.  Signing bonuses are prorated   Numbers below are per the NFLPA via MM's blog (SB=signing bonus):

  1. SB $1.833, base $750,000, workout $500,000. Cap value: $3.083 million.
  2. SB $1.833, base $3.5 mill., roster bonus $4.75 mill., workout $500,000. Cap value: $10.583 million.
  3. SB $1.833, base $2.625 mill., roster bonus $1 mill., workout $500,000. Cap value: $5.958 million.
  4. SB $1.833, base $5 mill., workout $500,000. Cap value: $7.333 million.
  5. SB $1.834, base $5.875 mill., workout $500,000. Cap value: $8.209 million.
  6. SB $1.834, base $7.5 mill., workout $500,000. Cap value: $9.834 million.
No matter what you think of the Nolan-McCloughan power structure, you have to give them all the credit in the world for cleaning up the 49ers financial house.  Prior to Nolan/McCloughan, the 49ers were in complete financial disarray.  If the team was within a few million of the cap it was considered a good year.  Now, the 49ers have made quite a few acquisitions, including a big ticket item in Justin Smith, and they're still approximately $20 million under the cap.  I would think none of us expect the 49ers to add another big contract in the coming days, weeks or months.  After draft choices are taken care of, the 49ers will have plenty of room for any emergencies and, of course, room to lock up some of the young folks.

In the meantime, I'm going to start working towards getting a better compilation of the 49ers 2008 cap situation and beyond.  Right now I've got some info through various sites including Niner Cap Hell, and USA Today's salary database.  Any other suggestions for finding more info would be greatly appreciated.  The plan is to create a special page (like the mock draft database pages) so we'll have a year-round source for 49ers contract information.