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2008 SBN Mock Draft: 49ers select......

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The pick is up at Mocking the Draft.

I decided to go with Gosder Cherilus for a couple of reasons. First, he is probably the safest pick for the 49ers at this point in terms of immediately starting and producing combined with long term ability. Second, the 49ers desperately need to solidify their offensive line and this could put them in a good position to have it set for quite some time.

It's not the most shocking pick, but rather a combination of what I think the 49ers will do and what I think is the best pick to contribute right away.  Some will agree, some will disagree.  I realize this is a mock and I can do whatever I want, but I felt it necessary to consider what would improve the 49ers next year and into the long-term future.

Matt Miller, NN reader and proprietor of Mocking the Draft and New Era Scouting gave us an A-. It might be a bit tinted in red and gold glasses, but I personally think this is a solid pick. Check out Matt's thoughts at Mocking the Draft.