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Niners Nation Scouting Report: Red Bryant, NT, Texas A&M

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I've been looking over various options for the 49ers second round pick in the mock draft, and of course in real life, since that's what this is all about.  During my research, Matt Miller over at Mocking The Draft said he's turned into a big time Red Bryant fan.  Red Bryant was the nose tackle at Texas A&M this past year and Matt's convinced he could be one hell of a nose tackle for our 3-4 for the foreseeable future.  I know there has been some discussion of Frank Okam, but I wanted to get people's thoughts on Bryant.

From his scout perspective, Matt has plenty to say about Bryant:

Overall: Bryant is coming into the NFL at the perfect time. Most teams are heading into the draft looking for a big bodied nose tackle who can shut down running lanes. That is Red Bryant. He'll be an immediate impact at nose tackle, clogging the A gaps on run downs.

Technique/Leverage: Doesn't always get a full arm extension. Will lean into the blocker too often. Can get too narrow in his stance. Loses his base. Does a good job of playing low. Has a very impressive hip shake, very surprising for his size.

Strength: Has the strength to break or take down a double team. Very strong lower body. Arms are not as strong.

I wandered over to the World Wide Leader to get Scout's Inc's take as well:

Strengths: Shows good initial quickness for size, aggressive and makes the occasional play in the backfield. Has excellent bulk, though inconsistent in this area can stay low to the ground and is stout at the point of attack . . . Has excellent size and can anchor when teams run at him. Flashes an effective rip move and shows a good not great motor when rushing the passer. Gets hands up when isn't going to get to the quarterback, times jumps well and excels at tipping passes.

Weaknesses: Lacks ideal closing speed . . . Takes too long to change directions, doesn't show a wide variety of pass rush moves and doesn't force offensive linemen to redirect in pass protection . . . Doesn't always use hands to protect legs and struggles to fight over cut blocks. Lacks ideal range and isn't going to make many plays in pursuit. Gets too caught up in individual battles, takes too long to locate the ball carrier and gets caught out of position at times.

Overall: Bryant doesn't have ideal closing speed or athletic ability but he has the quickness, size and toughness to develop into an excellent run stuffer and adequate interior pass rusher if he can stay healthy and sharpen his technique. He projects as an early second-day pick.

While I can see why people would like Bryant and how he could slot in at nose tackle, there seem to be a lot of questions marks.  I have not watched nearly as much film as the scouts so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.  While I don't know how recent the ESPN scouting report is, there are some similarities between it and New Era's report to make me think twice about some of those weaknesses.  I'm pretty sure of who I'll grab with the second round pick, but I wonder if the 49ers feel the same way.