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2008 SBN Mock Draft: With their second pick, the 49ers select......

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The pick is up at Mocking the Draft, awaiting a grade from Matt Miller and New Era Scouts.  

After 11 votes, it's 6-5 in favor of Groves, with the 5 thinking we need an offensive weapon for Alex Smith.  I've listed my justifications over there, but as far as wide receivers are concerned, I'm simply not all that crazy about what's available and what it may or may not do for the 49ers offense.  Is Early Doucet or James Hardy the answer?  I don't know, but I do think Quentin Groves will make a bigger impact much sooner than any wide receiver we could draft here.

So what does everyone here think?  Will Groves take over TBC's OLB spot?  Should we have gone with Mayo to fill that Ted role?  I personally think Groves is a guy who can do some damage for us, and if the 49ers walked out of day 1 with Gosder Cherilus and Quentin Groves, I'd be happy as a clam.

EDITOR'S NOTE 9:20 - Matt gave us a B. I know he was really interested in guys like Mayo and Bryant. And if the 49ers took Mayo on draft day I would certainly not be broken up about it. Nonetheless, a draft that could net us Cherilus and Groves would be a success early on.