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Rockin my red and gold tinted 49ers sunglasses

Well, with 50+ votes in, over 70% of you think the 49ers will go at least .500 this season, with a solid 40+% predicting 9+ wins, which would seem to indicate a possible playoff berth.  Man it's great to be able to make mindless predictions in April.  I was going to wait until after the draft to make my initial predictions, but why put off for two weeks what I can do today with even less of a sense of this team?

September 7 - vs. Arizona - I think you're talking must-win and the 49ers will take care of business - W

September 14 - @ Seattle - We get our first taste of the Julius Jones backfield.  I'll be predicting the "opposite split" of this series - W

September 21 - vs. Detroit - Guess this depends in part on if Roy Williams is in town.  I wonder how close Drew Stanton comes to taking Kitna's job - W

September 28 - @ New Orleans - The surprising 3-game streak comes t an end against a Saints squad welcoming back Reggie Bush - L

October 5 - vs. New England - I'm psyched to see Nate Clements take on Randy Moss, but an upset is unlikely - L

October 12 - vs. Philadelphia - We'll see what WR goes to Philly as the latest potential bust for Donovan McNabb - W

October 19 - @ New York Giants - After the schedule release I predicted a 49ers win over the Giants.  Won't make that mistake twice with the defending champs - L

October 26 - vs. Seattle -  Stun Seattle on the road, get handled at home - L

November 2 - BYE - I like our chances.

November 10 - @ Arizona - I smell another clean sweep of the Cardinals - W

November 16 - vs. St. Louis - The Rams could be interesting with a healthy team, but a home win doesn't seem to difficult - W

November 23 - @ Dallas - I'd love a win over the Cowgirls, but I'm not holding my breath - L

November 30 - @ Buffalo - The Bills looked quite solid as they've moved on to the Trent Edwards era - L

December 7 - vs. New York Jets - How long until Chad Pennington is benched? - W

December 14 - @ Miami - Dolphins suck, best win this one - W

December 21 - @ St. Louis - I think the 49ers can pull the sweep, although it'll be tough - W

December 28 - vs. Washington - I'd love a 10-win season, but the Skins are always tough - L

So there you have it, 9-7 and a 5-1 division record should be enough to win the division.  I think the 49ers could certainly miss the playoffs, but that sure won't stop me right now.  We'll wait for potential injuries and whatnot, but maybe the 49ers being the surprise playoff team will just come a year too late.

Feel free to make your predictions here!