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2008 Offseason Story Ideas

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I just wanted to throw this up for any suggestions people might have since things will quiet down following the draft.  Here's a list of posts you'll see between now and training camp.  Any other suggestions are welcome as well.

  1. Review of each player drafted and potential impact.
  2. The return of "Know Thy Enemy," looking at all of the 49ers 2008 opponents.
  3.  Another prediction of the season before training camp.
A lot of ideas come to me as I'm reading other football sites (particularly Barrows and Maiocco).  However, if anybody has things they'd love more info on, I'm all ears.  I'll have more time this summer, which means more time to research every possible random topic we can think of.  Obviously everybody is welcome to put together there own diaries if they come up with a quality topic, but if you don't have time to do the extra research, I'll be happy to take the bull by the horns.  This is as much your site as mine, so any ideas are welcome.