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April 23: Prepare to have your minds blown!

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Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.  Nonetheless, change is soon to be afoot here at Niners Nation.  The tech folks put up the bat signal late last night to let the football sites know we'll be making the switch over to SBN 2.0 this coming week.  First off, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the baseball and basketball sites have switched over, so check out your Bay Area teams at Athletics Nation, McCovey Chronicles and Golden State of Mind.  While there will certainly be slight differences, this will be the new format of Niners Nation.

So on April 23, NN will have that fresh new blog look to it as we make the switch to the new format.  Obviously change takes some time to get used to, so thankfully we'll have a few days to mess around with the site prior to the draft.  I can say that our open draft thread will refresh new comments in a much easier manner, making it easier to post your thoughts more quickly.  Our main tech guy, Trei, will have a run down posted on the 23rd and obviously I'll be answering questions as they come up.

So soak up the current look for the next 5 days because Niners Nation is entering a new era.  The changes will make this a much more all-encompassing site and I think you'll find it more user-friendly once you've gotten used to the upgrades.  I'm really excited about this and will do what I can to make this as smooth a transition as possible.