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Niners Nation 2.0 Switch coming late tonight/early tomorrow morning

Just wanted to let everyone know that the switchover to Niners Nation 2.0 will go down late tonight or early tomorrow morning at the latest.  The site may be down for a couple hours, but don't fret...check back a little later and it should be good to go.

Trei, one of our tech guys, will have a rundown of all the new features and I'll certainly be around to answer any questions.  I'm guessing some of the folks that visit McCovey Chronicles, Athletics Nation and Golden State of Mind will be able to answer questions when I'm not around.  Either way I'm really excited for this change.  One big plus going into this weekend is the auto-refresh of new comments.  No need to hit ctrl+r all the time.  The draft will give us a good time to test drive the new tools.

Barring huge breaking news, this will be my last front page post until after the switchover.  I'll leave Trei's rundown as the top front page post most of tomorrow for people to discuss the changes and ask any questions.  See you then.